Antifoul your boat this winter

The correct maintenance of your boat is a cost-effective nessesity. Under the maintance ’to-do’ list is antifouling or ‘bottom paint’, especially if your boat is permanently moored in the water.

The process is simply the painting of the boats hull with a special paint designed to to prevent fouling organisms. It is needed to protected the underside of your boat from marine growth. Without it, your boat will experience increased drag through the water and if not done correctly, excessive fouling not only looks unsightly but it will slow down your boat, making it more difficult to manoeuvre and increase fuel consumption.

The regularity of antifoling depends on the type of hull, antifoul used, application and environmental elements your boat is exposed to. And with so many different products on the market it is hard to know the best ones to use, so why not make it easier for yourself and get R1 Boat Butlers to take care of it for you.

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Winterize your boat

As boating seasons coming to an end it is time to think about protecting your boat, by spending a bit of time and effort on your boat now it will save you time, effect and cost come spring. Correct winterization will make sure your boat is ready to go when you are.

During the winter months the best place for your boat is out of the water, well covered with tarp or study cover, or under cover in an appropriate storage area. It is worth checking your owners manual for your boat and motor for their recommendations on winterization.


To make it easirer for you we have put together a basic checklist of steps to succesfully winterize your boat:


  • Clean your boat before storing it for the winter.
  • Add gasoline stabilizer to prevent the fuel from degrading over the winter preventing oxidation and corrosion.
  • Close fuel valves and replace the fuel filter and water separator.
  • Coat the spark plugs.
  • Fill the engine block with antifreeze.
  • Change the engine’s gear oil.
  • Disengage the battery and store in a safe, dry place for the winter.


If you are a new boat owner, or just don’t have the time or experience in winterizing, hire a professional like R1 Boat Butlers to do the job.



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